Irene Zoe Alameda

Últimos días de Warla Alkman (En)

Last Days of Warla Alkman



The king of the island of Redonda, renowned writer, aims to achieve posthumous unpublished manuscript and Graham Greene who, by chance, has fallen into the hands of the best-selling author's most important point, Amy Martin, the name under which a completely unknown woman worldwide hides. Warla Alkman is also a writer, a silent and dreamy woman. Fracques want to be a writer, but believes he has skills, and finally decided to be a detective. Both the contract the king to her to officially investigate Amy, and find out who is stealing the manuscript; and to him that, without being seen, follow Warla and check that it does charge.

The novel tells, under the terms of Fracques, the adventures of Warla along his journey through Europe. With large doses of humor and a broad cultural background, written somewhere between the theater purely in dialogue and narrative adventure interspersed videos, images, pictures, songs, poetry and all kinds of multimedia elements that definitely set a new literary genre : purely digital. A brilliant and novel an author metaliterary undeniable projection. A book to read on paper or on paper and on screen, and that will mean something so out of the ordinary and as groundbreaking as once was for a generation, Cortázar's Hopscotch ...

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Last days of Warla Alkman (Irene Zoe Alameda. Edhasa 2013) 

U.D.D.W.A. (Last day Warla Alkman) is a multimedia novel is, in the words of one of its protagonists, a 'Dhigloficción "(Digital Hybrid Global Fiction). 

Is this the work of a comprehensive narrator able to use expressive techniques require few fictional story that takes place in their pages, or screens- and decrypts the reader. 

U.D.D.W.A. narrates, through reports, transcripts and stolen files, the adventures of spyware and hacker Fracques, "Fracas". Hired to perform work on the artist counterintelligence Warla Alkman by a powerful man's cultural universe, their mission is to monitor all movements of Alkman order to intercept the delivery of the last work, unpublished, Graham Greene, the writer Amy Martin bestseller. 

Fracas is, therefore, the hero of the story with a dual mission: seize manuscript Greene and unmask the identity of the mysterious Amy Martin, all through the real-time tracking of Warla Alkman. 

As days go tracking in the shade, Fracas is knowing Warla Alkman, a multimedia artist afflicted with a rare disease that travels with a tiny cat who carries in his pocket, an urn, a photo sepia, chair cowhide and a juggling acrobat maces. While trying to find clues in pursuit of the coveted manuscript Greene, Warla Alkman transforms their daily experiences in small pieces, seemingly unrelated, of a work of art. 

Cambridge, Speyside, Pompeii, Agrigento, Istanbul, Cape Town or Siberia ... as it passes through various places will Fracas by the reader understanding how today's world and what knowledge spaces offered, what structures of power are, how technical point is a metaphorical expression of our needs and desires, what concerns or faults born art and how large are the means of expression of aesthetic emotions. 

The lyrics to the pop song and video clip of the conversation to philosophical dialogue, description UDDWA drawing ... It is a work conceived for reading, preferably connected to the internet electronic media, but also offers an option paper on which the audiovisual elements have become comic.